A Breakthrough
in Ballistic Performance

You could say the 26 Nosler is a cartridge six decades in the making. It all started in 1946 when a stubborn, mud-caked moose refused to go down, despite a well placed shot from John Amos Nosler’s 300 H&H. That hunt inspired John to create the legendary Partition® bullet. And that same drive to experiment—to push limits and break barriers—is what led to this one-of-a-kind cartridge. Fast, flat and dead-on to 415 yards, 26 Nosler is the fulfillment of our founder’s legacy. We invite you explore this site and discover what makes it Flat Out, Lights Out.


6 Things to Know About
the 26 Nosler

  1. The 26 Nosler is a non-belted, 6.5mm centerfire rifle cartridge.
  2. Designed with a maximum C.O.A.L. of 3.340”, the 26 Nosler cartridge functions in a standard (30-06 Spfd.) length action.
  3. The 26 Nosler is capable of firing a 130gr bullet at a Muzzle Velocity of 3400 fps.
  4. With a useable case capacity of 93 grains of water, the 26 Nosler outperforms the 264 Win Mag by over 200fps with a 130gr bullet.
  5. Zeroed at 350 yards, the 26 Nosler has a maximum point blank range (PBR) of 415 yards.
  6. Loaded with the 129gr AB-LR, the 26 Nosler retains as much velocity at 400 yards as the 260 Remington produces at the muzzle.

Fast, Flat and
Dead-on to 415 Yards

The 26 Nosler has speed to burn and the energy to back it up. Loaded with a 129gr. AccuBond® LR, its muzzle velocity clocks in at a blistering 3,400 feet per second—a significant advantage over comparable cartridges. At 400 yards, the 26 Nosler loaded with a 129gr. AccuBond® LR also delivers greater energy than other standard length action cartridges.

energy chartvelocity chart

Click “View the PDF” for a full velocity and energy comparison between the 26 Nosler and other leading cartridges.

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The results are

The 26 Nosler minimizes drop with an incredibly fast and flat trajectory. Loaded with a 129gr. AccuBond® LR, the 26 Nosler shoots flatter than other standard length action cartridges, keeping you well within the vital zone at a wider range of distances.

Click “View the PDF” for a full trajectory comparison between the 26 Nosler and other leading cartridges.

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26 Nosler bullet
Introducing 26 nosler. Flat to 415.

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26 Nosler.
Flat to 415.

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